Excel templates and add-ins can help a business automate tasks to improve productivity and consistency.  VBA Developer provides the following services for Excel templates & add-ins:

  • Create new Excel templates and add-ins to help automate tasks and advise on improvements and future development
  • Develop Excel dashboards and reports using pivot tables, power pivot, power query and slicers for interactive data filtering
  • Update and maintain existing Excel templates and add-ins e.g. custom ribbons, VBA forms

Excel dashboards & reports with Pivot tables for BI

Dashboard & report templates enable users to view data in a more visually appealing way to make the information more meaningful and clearer to the user.  Reporting tools help automate the repetitive tasks involved in creating management information reports and summarise data in several spreadsheets.

Management information reports can be developed with features including:

  • pivot tables with slicers, Pivot charts, KPIs, interactive maps
  • data models using Power Pivot to use data from multiple sources
  • power view models to use an interactive view instead of an Excel spreadsheet view 

Custom chart add-ins

Excel chart ribbon

Excel chart ribbon

Add-ins allow companies to use their own colour scheme rather than using Microsoft’s default colours for your charts. An Excel add-in was developed for a financial sector client with the following features:

  • create custom charts in client specific colours and sizes reducing the time required to produce charts and ensure consistency. 
  • custom charts optimised for use in PowerPoint presentations in full and half page sizes.
  • reformat existing charts in custom colours
  • utilities to format charts as in the screenshot above.


Excel add-ins load when Excel starts and provide functionality available to all workbooks, they have the following benefits:

  • Acts as a library for code rather than storing code in separate templates. 
  • An add-in can have its own ribbon with separate tabs for running templates and utilities. 
  • Streamlines the amount of code and avoids duplication
  • Reduces development and maintenance costs.

Excel forms and data entry

Templates with VBA forms help the data entry process allowing users to select information from lists or drop boxes instead of typing it ensuring data is entered correctly by applying business logic and validating data. Examples of Excel templates developed include quotation tools, pricing models, invoices, time sheets and expenses among many others.