VBA Developer designs advanced Microsoft Word templates & add-ins for businesses to improve productivity and reduce support costs.  VBA Developer provides the following services for Word templates:
    • Design Word templates with VBA forms for letterheads, reports, bids, proposals, questionnaires and general office stationery
    • Re-brand templates and existing documents, updating logos, address information & styles
    • Develop add-ins with custom ribbons for utilities e.g. toggle logos, insert portrait/landscape pages, retrieve Outlook information
    • Integration with other applications e.g. Access/SQL databases, XML, Case/Document Management Systems

Word add-ins

Word add-in ribbon

Word add-ins or global templates are stored in Word’s Start-up folder and contain common Word VBA routines that are used in all your Word documents.  An add-in template acts as a library for common code so that each template can use common functionality.   In the ribbon screenshot above, the utilities group has the following options:

    • Toggle logo on/off – logos are hidden so that printed letterheads can be used
    • Page options – a VBA form allows users to easily add custom pages with section breaks
    • Outlook Contacts – contacts can be selected so recipient address details can be used in your Word templates without retyping
    • Calculator – runs the Windows calculator
    • Toggle fields – shows fields used in a document

Document creation tools

Word templates with VBA forms can be integrated with external data sources to users to create complex documents. Word templates can be developed with the following features: 

    • ability to store/retrieve user details
    • use pre-formatted standard clauses/boilerplate text 
    • integration with Access/SQL databases, xml files
    • integration with document/case Management Systems
    • options to insert images stored as auto-text
    • add pre-formatted tables or custom page layouts stored as auto-text